Vinyl And Wooden Windows Compared

Window replacement is a major remodel project that has an impact on many things on the inside and outside of your home. It has a big effect on the surrounding structural and design components on the inside and outside of your home. That is, you often need to demolish and replace some major aspects on your walls in the process of replacing your windows. Windows can partly redefine the look of your home (on the inside and outside). [Read More]

Tips For Getting Your Windows As Clean As Possible

If you would like to make sure that your windows are going to be as clean as possible, there are a few steps that you need to take. This will ensure that your windows are crystal clear and that you will be happy with the way they look. Here are some of those steps: Start With The Edges Too many people make the mistake of ignoring the edges of the windows, thinking that the larger part of the window pane is where all of the dirt, dust, and finger smudges collect. [Read More]

Wood Clad Vinyl Windows

If you are going to spend your money on home upgrades, you want to make investments that will increase the efficiency of your home. For instance, new windows can greatly increase the value of your home, while also giving you more functional fixtures and reducing your monthly utility bills by adding insulation to your property. Of course, not all window products are the same, and you need to think very closely about what sash material is going to be the most practical for your home and climate. [Read More]

Signs That Residential Windows Need To Be Replace

Windows can have a positive or negative impact on the value of a house, especially when they are old. For instance, if you have original windows that are in good shape and a historic house, replacing them isn't likely a good idea. However, if the windows are old and in bad shape, it is in your best interest to replace them with ones that are more modern. If you are unsure in regards to whether or not it is time to replace your home windows, there are signs that you should look for. [Read More]