How To Replace A Malfunctioning Crank Operator On A Casement Window

Casement windows are great because you can open them up to the outside, allowing a nice breeze into your home. Casement windows are designed to last for decades; however, sometimes the hardware that accompanies a casement window doesn't last nearly as long. If you have a crank operator that is malfunctioning, you can easily replace it.  Signs Its Time to Replace the Crank Operator Your crank operator needs to be replaced if the gears don't turn easily when you open and close your window with the crank.

Upgrading Your Home With Motorized Shades

Opening and closing the blinds and shades in your home will be a task that you are likely to need to several times over the course of a day. Whether it is due to mobility issues or simply wanting to avoid the hassle of manually operating the shades, motorized shades can be an upgrade that may greatly improve your quality of life in the home. Are Motorized Shades Less Attractive?

Replacement Windows? Selection Tips For More Satisfaction And Value

The windows of the home are much more than just a source of curb appeal. In fact, the windows' abilities to bring light into the home and provide ventilation are key components in the occupant's ability to enjoy a healthy, comfortable interior living space. The shape, size, and placement of a home's windows also help to provide visual interest and personality, and can even add to the resale value of the home.

The Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Windows

Vinyl and aluminum windows are two different types of window frames that can be used around your new windows. These types of window frames can be used on all different styles of windows. When deciding what type of window frame to use, it helps to understand the difference between these two window frames. The Design Vinyl windows are designed so that the same material is used throughout the entire window. That way, if the vinyl window frame is ever scratched or damaged, the same color will show no matter what on the frame.

Making Affordable Changes To A Home Exterior

Many things can cause a homeowner to neglect the exterior of their house, such as traveling a lot or not having the energy to perform any maintenance. However, allowing the outside of your house to fall into an unsatisfactory condition is actually something that you might regret one day. For instance, if you were to attempt selling the house, the condition of the exterior might interfere with you finding a buyer in a sufficient amount of time.