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The Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Windows

Vinyl and aluminum windows are two different types of window frames that can be used around your new windows. These types of window frames can be used on all different styles of windows. When deciding what type of window frame to use, it helps to understand the difference between these two window frames.

The Design

Vinyl windows are designed so that the same material is used throughout the entire window. That way, if the vinyl window frame is ever scratched or damaged, the same color will show no matter what on the frame. Vinyl windows frames are designed with the idea of long-term uniformity in mind.

Aluminum windows have a metal base. However, that metal base is generally painted. This creates an initial uniform look. However, if the paint is ever scratched or starts to chip over time, you will see the silver of the aluminum through the paint. When the paint on aluminum frames starts to chip, the visual appeal of the frame is compromised, and to keep up appearances, you would need to repaint the frames.

The Color

Vinyl windows used to just come in off-white and shades of cream. However, you can now get vinyl window frames in a wider variety of colors. The one thing to remember about vinyl window frames is that the entire frame is the same color, so over time, your window will remain the same color.

Aluminum window frames have a metal base but are painted on the outside. This allows you to have window frames that are any color you want. If you want your window frames to match the color of a particular room, aluminum window frames provide you with that flexibility.

The Strength

Both aluminum and vinyl window frames are strong. Vinyl will not warp or change size or shape, no matter the weather conditions, over time. With vinyl window frames, there is no possibility of corrosion nor of pitting or fading.

Aluminum window frames are very sturdy. The paint on aluminum window frames tends to fade over time, resulting in the need to occasionally repaint the frame. The window frame can pit. There is also the slim possibility of corrosion with aluminum window frames.

Both vinyl and aluminum window frames are strong window frames that will look great around your new windows. Aluminum window frames offer a high degree of stability and strength. Vinyl window frames offer a high degree of consistency. Contact a replacement window company for more information.