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Change The Entire Look Of A Room By Customizing Your Window Treatments

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If you want to give a room in your home a fresh face for spring, consider utilizing window treatments to achieve an entirely new look. Consider ways to change the mood and atmosphere of your space simply by changing your curtains and drapes! Some ways to alter your space and create an illusion with window treatments include: Make your room seem bigger. Get rid of any obstructions that are blocking the windows in your room, and hang a cornice above the window’s top sill. Allow long, flowing drapes to puddle on the floor, and pull off to the side to allow optimal natural sunlight. Hide the drapery fixtures under the cornice, and cover or upholster your cornice in a color that matches the walls and window treatments. Make your ceilings seem higher. If you want to make your ceilings seem a bit taller and give your room a lofty feel, install window treatment fixtures about a foot above the top sill of your window. Use sheer panels in conjunction with drapes to create a rich, romantic feeling that brings the eye upward. Make a space more intimate. Create an intimate space with heavy, textured drapes, curtains, and valances. Use rich, warm colors that mute the light, but be sure that you are able to pull them back or tie-them to get natural light in as desired. Give your room a jolt of energy. For a bright space that makes you feel refreshed and inspired, make the windows a focal point in the room. Don’t obstruct with furnishings, but place an energizing plant on the floor in front of the window. Keep windows untethered with heavy treatments, and consider using stained glass-inspired vinyl clings on the glass to provide privacy yet encourage sunlight in the space. Use the same color paint on ceilings, walls and window trim to create an airy, restorative room. Open up a space of the house. Vinyl window clings are a great way to open up any space of the house, especially if you have small windows that are difficult to fit for conventional window treatments. Use clings with simple valances to create an entry into your room that will make the whole space seem more open. Talk with drapery retailers regarding customized window treatments to achieve your desired look. Measure carefully, and measure again, to ensure your drapes and curtains are exactly right for creating a new illusion in your home’s spaces. Try these tricks to give your room a new look this spring! For window treatments, contact a company such as Custom Drapery By Casa...

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Two Tips To Keep Your Front Door Looking Great

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Although it’s an overlooked component of your home, the front door is important. If you consider the number of times you use your door over the course of a year or even a month and its constant exposure to the elements, it’s safe to say that your front door withstands a fair amount of abuse. Make sure you understand how to take care for your door to keep it functional and looking great. Install A Storm Door Installing a storm door is a great way to protect your front door. It doesn’t matter if you have a screen or glass insert installed in the door, the storm door will help minimize the effects the elements have on your front door. If you have a stained wood door or a door that is painted, this feature can be especially helpful because it keeps rain and windblown debris from making contact with the door and causing damage. Generally, storm doors are designed in fiberglass, aluminum or wood materials. In terms of maintenance, a wood storm door will require you to take preventive measures to protect the wood. However, aluminum and fiberglass doors are pretty much maintenance free. Refinish Regularly If your front door is constructed from wood, make sure you are prepared to refinish the door regularly. When the sun shines on your wood door, the ultraviolet rays cause the temperature of the door to change. During the day, when the sun is out, the temperature of the door will be higher, during the night, it will be cooler. This constant fluctuation in temperature causes the door to expand and contract throughout the day. Over time, this process damages the finish of the door. This doesn’t just make the door look worn and unkempt, but as the finish wears off, this exposes the wood to permanent damage from the sun, such as discoloration and deterioration. How frequently you need to refinish your door will depend on its exposure to the sun. Doors in the sun’s direct path will need to be refinished more often. Once you start to see the finish wearing off, you know it’s time to refinish. Whether you need assistance installing a storm door or helpful tips on how to refinish or repair the surface of your door, a door installation technician, like Brant Windows and Doors door installation, can assist you. Your front door is one of the first things people recognize about your home, so make sure you are keeping it in good...

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Comparing Argon And Krypton Windows

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Argon and krypton windows have argon and krypton gas, respectively, in between their window panes. Both of these types of gases are denser than oxygen, which is found in traditional windows, providing better insulative qualities to your home than traditional windows. Understanding the differences between argon and krypton windows can help you choose the type of window that best suits your home’s needs. Argon Windows Argon windows are the more common of the two types of insulative windows, because they are fairly inexpensive, only costing slightly more than regular air filled windows. This makes argon windows ideal for homeowners operating under a budget who are looking to cut down their energy bills. Additionally, argon gas works best in double pane windows, which are the most common type of window available, which again helps keep the costs low. However, argon can leak out of the windows fairly quickly. While this is not a health issue, as argon is perfectly safe to breathe in, it does mean that your windows will start to lose their insulative advantage over time. This can be fixed by simply refilling the windows, but this represents a long term cost that mitigates the low initial price point that argon windows offer. Krypton Windows Krypton windows are better at insulating your home, as krypton gas is denser than argon gas is. This means that you will save more money on your energy bills. For this reason, krypton gas also leaks out of the windows at a slower rate, which means that you won’t have to refill or replace your windows as often as you would with argon windows. Additionally, krypton windows are better at insulating sound than argon windows are, which is a huge benefit, especially if you live near a freeway, airport, or railroad track. However, krypton windows are much more expensive than argon windows, because krypton is much more difficult to produce, and because krypton gas works best in triple pane windows, which have a smaller gap between panes. Triple pane windows are more expensive than double pane windows, simply by virtue of having more materials in them and being more complex to make. However, the high initial expense of krypton windows is offset somewhat by the fact that they don’t need to be refilled as often as argon windows do, and also provide greater insulation and thus greater energy savings when compared to argon windows. For more information about your options for insulated windows, contact a company like Simpson Windows and...

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Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

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Springtime is a great time to do routine maintenance on your home’s exterior. You will be able to prepare your home for the oncoming summer months and it is a time to make repairs that winter weather may have caused. Part of the maintenance process is to clean your exterior to find areas needing repair. Here are some of the things you should take the time to have cleaned each spring. Gutters Your gutters may have become filled with debris during the fall and winter months, leaving you with poor drainage and possible damage to your gutter system and roof. Taking the time to have your gutters thoroughly cleaned each springtime will help find areas needing to be fixed before heavy rain seeps through cracks and crevices. Hire a gutter cleaning service to come to your home to remove all the sludge that may have built up within your gutters. They will use pressure washers to get all dirt and grime out of the gutter so you will be able to assess it for damage. Leaving this material in your gutter can lead to water getting caught under your bottom layer of shingles. This in turn, could cause leaking inside your home. Windows After winter has passed, cleaning your windows will help improve the visual appeal to your home. Many homeowners make the mistake of trying to clean their windows using a glass spray and paper towels or a clean cloth. While this will make the window appear cleaner, in the long run it will attract more dirt from the static charge given when rubbing the glass. Using the paper towel method will also just move dirt from one spot to another. Instead, use a squeegee to remove grime from windows. A professional window cleaner may be a good idea if you are not keen about climbing to elevated areas to clean the windows. Exterior The exterior of your home should be cleaned each spring, as well. If you wait too long to do this cleaning, you risk having different paint colors on your exterior. During the heat of summer, sunlight would shine on cleaner portions, fading the paint color naturally.  When you finally get around to cleaning off dirty areas, the paint underneath will look different from the rest of your home. Cleaning the dirt off as soon as spring hits can help you avoid this. Having your exterior pressure washed is the best way to get off all dirt that has accumulated since last fall. Talk to experts like WorkPro Window Gutter & Pressure Cleaning Ltd for more...

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How To Apply A Film That Will Tint Your Windows

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As a homeowner, you may want your windows to provide protection for your home’s interior.  This is because the ultraviolet light from the sun can come in and cause your carpeting and furniture to fade over the years. Thankfully, window tinting is a simple solution that can solve this problem for you.  The tinting film is made in several styles and shades, while also providing protection from shattered glass as well.  Installing a window film is easy with the correct tools and the following knowledge of how to do it. Tools and Materials Before you can get started, you will need to gather the following tools and materials. Glass cleaner Microfiber cloth Measuring tape Razor blade Scissors Squeegee Spray bottle Dish soap Water Window tinting film Clean The Window The window needs to be as squeaky clean as possible before you can apply a window film.  Use a glass cleaner that is streak-free, and wipe down the glass using a microfiber cloth that will not leave any residue or lint on your window. You may have to clean the window multiple times to get it completely clean. Measure and Cut The Window Film A window film needs to fit perfectly, as you do not want any gaps or overlapping film. Measure the visible glass of the window, adding a 1 inch onto each dimension.  Don’t worry, you’ll be trimming the window film later.  Roll out the window tinting film on a flat surface, and cut the film using your scissors. Apply The Window Film Fill a spray bottle with some water, and add a few drops of dish soap to it to create some mild soapy water.  Use it to spray down the side of your window film that will stick to the window, covering the entire surface. You can place the side of the window film that you just sprayed onto the glass.  It should slide around a little, so position the window film so it slightly overlaps the glass on all sides.  Now spray the front of your window film with the mild soapy water, and use your squeegee to force the bubbles out from under it. Use your razor blade to trim any excess window film along the outside edge, then clean your tinted window with the glass cleaner and the microfiber cloth.  If you are having difficulties applying a window film, or think it is too complicated to do on your own, remember that you can always contact a professional window tinting company like Reflec Tech glass tinting to do it for...

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