Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Change The Entire Look Of A Room By Customizing Your Window Treatments

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If you want to give a room in your home a fresh face for spring, consider utilizing window treatments to achieve an entirely new look. Consider ways to change the mood and atmosphere of your space simply by changing your curtains and drapes! Some ways to alter your space and create an illusion with window treatments include: Make your room seem bigger. Get rid of any obstructions that are blocking the windows in your room, and hang a cornice above the window’s top sill. Allow long, flowing drapes to puddle on the floor, and pull off to...

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Two Tips To Keep Your Front Door Looking Great

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Although it’s an overlooked component of your home, the front door is important. If you consider the number of times you use your door over the course of a year or even a month and its constant exposure to the elements, it’s safe to say that your front door withstands a fair amount of abuse. Make sure you understand how to take care for your door to keep it functional and looking great. Install A Storm Door Installing a storm door is a great way to protect your front door. It doesn’t matter if you have a screen or glass...

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Comparing Argon And Krypton Windows

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Argon and krypton windows have argon and krypton gas, respectively, in between their window panes. Both of these types of gases are denser than oxygen, which is found in traditional windows, providing better insulative qualities to your home than traditional windows. Understanding the differences between argon and krypton windows can help you choose the type of window that best suits your home’s needs. Argon Windows Argon windows are the more common of the two types of insulative windows, because they are fairly inexpensive, only...

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Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

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Springtime is a great time to do routine maintenance on your home’s exterior. You will be able to prepare your home for the oncoming summer months and it is a time to make repairs that winter weather may have caused. Part of the maintenance process is to clean your exterior to find areas needing repair. Here are some of the things you should take the time to have cleaned each spring. Gutters Your gutters may have become filled with debris during the fall and winter months, leaving you with poor drainage and possible damage to your...

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How To Apply A Film That Will Tint Your Windows

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As a homeowner, you may want your windows to provide protection for your home’s interior.  This is because the ultraviolet light from the sun can come in and cause your carpeting and furniture to fade over the years. Thankfully, window tinting is a simple solution that can solve this problem for you.  The tinting film is made in several styles and shades, while also providing protection from shattered glass as well.  Installing a window film is easy with the correct tools and the following knowledge of how to do it. Tools...

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