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Need New Siding? What To Know About Exterior Siding Replacement Before You Buy

If you need to have new siding installed on the exterior of your home, you want to start by getting a couple of siding contractors to your property to provide estimates for the project. There are a lot of different things that you should expect to see in the quotes. Here are some of the expenses that you should expect to see.

Removal and Disposal

The removal and disposal of the old siding should be included in the quote. The team will remove the old siding carefully to be sure that they don't do damage to the house. If the siding is aluminum, it should be taken to a scrap metal yard. Aluminum siding is valuable and could help pay for the cost of the new siding you're having installed. If it isn't recyclable, the crew will have a dumpster delivered to your home.

Exterior House Wrap

Decades ago when houses were constructed, there wasn't a vinyl wrap put around the property before the siding went on. This is something that you'll want to have done. If this is not included in the initial quote, have it added to the quote. The vinyl wrap will:

  • Stop moisture from getting into the home
  • Prevent air loss
  • Stop pests from entering the property
  • Protect the house from wind coming in

This will act as another layer of protection before the siding is put on.

New Efficient Siding

The cost for the new siding and the labor expense of installing it will be on the quote. Vinyl siding is highly popular because it has the following benefits:

  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV resistant to prevent fading and discoloration
  • Wind resistant up to 240 MPH
  • Impermeable to pests

You can also get insulated vinyl siding. This will make the siding an even more energy-efficient option for the exterior of your home.

There are a lot of different types of vinyl siding to choose from, and you will have a wide variety of color options to look at when you are ready to pick out the exact siding that you want. Talk with the professionals and get cost estimates to see how much it will cost to get rid of what you have, wrap the house for protection, and then have the new siding of your choice put on.

Reach out to a contractor in your area for more information about siding replacement