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Hurricane Shutters: Useful Installation Tips For Homeowners

If your property is in a hurricane-prone area, one of the best things you can buy is a set of hurricane shutters. They protect your home from damage, and you can set them up like a pro by going through these tips.

Select Shutters That Have Gone Through Ample Testing 

Before installing hurricane shutters over your home's windows, find a set you can depend on. In that case, focus on shutters that have been through practical testing that simulates the conditions of a hurricane. If the shutters hold up, you know they'll do the same once you set them up on your property.

Try your best to find a hurricane shutter manufacturer capable of simulating hurricane conditions, such as the wind speed and debris that would affect your shutters during a real-life tropical storm. You can then buy shutters from them with ample confidence. 

Measure Your Windows

Working with the correct shutter size is instrumental for a successful setup. After all, the shutters must fit over your windows perfectly to provide adequate protection. All you have to do is gather measurements of windows that you plan to support with shutters. You don't have to be a professional contractor, either.

Just place a measuring tape around the right parts of your window. You can watch guides if you need visual assistance on how to measure the exterior of your windows properly. Once you have the correct dimensions, you can order a set of shutters knowing they'll fit perfectly. 

Review Local Building Codes

Another thing you need to do before you set up hurricane shutters is review local building codes. You might have to do certain things with the shutters to avoid penalties later, such as using specific mounting hardware or investing in a particular type of hurricane shutter. 

Luckily, these regulations should be available online for everyone to access. If you still need help, you can talk to a shutter contractor to gain more insights into shutter installation rules. 

Use a Track System

You can install hurricane shutters in different ways, but a track system is one of the best and easiest methods to rely on. Not only will it keep your shutters secure against your home's exterior, but it will save you from a complex setup.

Just ensure the track system is weatherproof like your shutters are, and verify the track's compatibility with your shutters so you have a stress-free shutter setup to enjoy.

Hurricane shutters are fantastic if you have a home in a tropical area where hurricanes are likely. As long as you prepare for their installation correctly, you can secure them on your property in no time. 

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