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4 Impact Door Styles For Your Home Improvement

Impact doors are made of materials approved to withstand adverse weather conditions. The doors may consist of thick fiberglass skins with wood, polyurethane foam core, and composite reinforcements. In addition, impact doors exist in different types and are customizable to suit your aesthetic needs and budget. Below are different impact door styles to consider for your home improvement.

1. Sliding Doors

Impact-resistant sliding doors are more suitable for condo units in places that experience strong winds. They are also ideal for rooms with limited space. Impact sliding doors are heavy-duty and with a multi-chamber design that maximizes performance during harsh weather conditions.

The doors have metal reinforcements, interlocking rails, and durable weatherstripping. All three features ensure that your door is tightly closed. These features help to keep you and your family safe from intruders.

2. Cabana Doors

Cabana doors are commonly used for garages and porches because they exist in single and double configurations. You would want your car in a safe space where only you and your family can gain access. Impact cabana doors will keep your garage safe from invasion, thus protecting your vehicle from being stolen.

Also, impact doors for your porches can help ensure that any intruder will struggle before entering your house. In addition, you can be alerted and seek emergency security services.

3. French Doors

French doors are common for main entrances and are designed to serve an aesthetic function. They give your home a timeless look and allow maximum natural lighting. However, French doors are susceptible to strong winds and cannot withstand heavy storms and hurricanes.

French doors are customizable for impact resistance, even with glass along the door length. The impact french doors consist of a specific laminated glass that gives it strength to withstand the external forces. Impact resistance is an added advantage because the aesthetics can last longer. Normal french doors can get easily damaged. This means that their beauty won't last for long in case of storm damage.

4. Bifold Doors

Bifold doors, also known as accordion doors, slide along a track and fold at two points against a wall. These doors are ideal in coastal regions to separate the patio from the indoor space. They can withstand the weather elements while at the same time enhancing visual aesthetics and maximizing natural lighting.


Impact doors increase your safety and comfort. You don't need to worry during heavy storms and hurricanes. Your house property can be safer with impact doors because invaders can't get access through the doors. They also increase your home's value. If you have no budget plans for installing impact doors, consider starting to save up for them.