Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Shutters: Do You Need Them On Your Home?

Shutters are a classic home addition that many modern homes don't have at all, and many older homes have for both functional and decorative purposes. You can have shutters professionally installed on your home, either to upgrade the appeal of your property or to replace current shutters that have lost their original appeal. Many window and glass companies also sell, repair, and install shutters, both over windows and on home siding.

Do you need shutters on your home? How can shutters benefit your home? Use this guide to help you decide what shutters — if any — you should get for your property.

You have lots of open space on your home's exterior

Is your home more of a rectangular or square style with little definition or texture to give your home's exterior much personality? If so, then adding shutters can help bring more curb appeal to your property and give your boxy home more charm and definition. Consider using shutters to border a main living room window or the front door; shutters for decorative purposes need not be placed over windows or be fully functional.

You have lots of open or exposed windows

Shutters work well to create a more private atmosphere where you don't want people looking into your home, so it's wise to put shutters over windows in the bathroom, main living room, bedrooms, or a home office. You can use these functional shutters to block out views and sunlight and you can control just how much light is let into the room at various times of day. Your window company can even custom-cut shutters for your home if you have odd-shaped windows.

You have a smaller budget for upgrades

Do you have a small budget for home upgrades but you still want to focus on your windows? Having new shutters put on your windows to replace older ones can upgrade your home instantly. Simply putting shutters on a few windows in your home will upgrade the property as well and add certain home value. Average shutters are around $70 per window for plantation shutters per window, and go up from there. Get an estimate for installation from your window installation specialist when choosing window shutters.

You can make your investment even cheaper picking basic shutters; much of your investment in shutters will go into supplies. You can stretch your budget further by picking lower-cost shutters from a place like Inside Solutions LLC, and customizing them later by painting or finishing them later.