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4 Best Shutter Designs You Should Consider

Window shutters are an excellent choice for homeowners for many reasons. First, they heighten security around your property, making you a hard target for home breakers. Secondly, they increase comfort in your home's interiors by blocking out the sun's light and glare. And lastly, shutters save you money on energy bills and reduce maintenance costs.

But even with these indisputable benefits, you need to choose suitable shutter designs to get the most out of your investment. There are numerous shutter designs in the market, but these four top the list.

The Louvered Style

The louvered variety has a series of wooden slats arranged in a close descending series. However, the slates are on the same framework. The details and design of these shutters create a unique look that transforms your home into a country-style. 

Furthermore, you are able to choose to have louvered shutters with a single or double height. Both options will have a little support system at the center, which strengthens the body. With custom-made louvered windows, you are able to choose the louver width that matches your window size.

The Panels

Shutters with a rectangular design are said to have a raised panel. In the design, several rectangular boxes protrude from the rest of the window. They could resemble a kitchen cabinet series when installed, which creates a unique look in your home.

The Plantation Style

This style creates a Southern charm that makes them perfect for every home. They have an angled design and wide louvers, allowing a lot of light through the window. Although many contractors prefer to install them inside the house, you are able to choose to have them on the exterior side of the window.

The Scandinavian Style

These shutters feature a board and batten pattern with carefully crafted designs. The panes are thick enough to seal your house and prevent heat loss from the interior since they cover the entire window opening. A variant of this style is the regular board and batten. In this style, the planks are cross pieces that pass over the planks and are often cut into many shapes.

These are just a few of the many shutter designs in the market. Speak with a window treatment supplier and installation contractor to make sure that an excellent outcome. With suitable shutters and a flawless installation, you will effectively keep away weather elements and improve your home's aesthetic appeal.