Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Reducing Noise Pollution From Your Windows

Noise entering your home through the windows can be a highly disruptive problem, but homeowners should avoid assuming that it is a problem that is unable to be addressed or mitigated. In reality, some upgrades can be utilized to improve the ability of the windows to block the noises that are entering the house.

Seal Any Openings in the Window Frame

One source of noise pollution for your home can be cracks in the frames of the window. These cracks can allow soundwaves to penetrate the house. If the window faces a busy road or other noise sources, this could be especially impactful. Finding and sealing these cracks should be a part of any noise reduction efforts that you are taking. When sealing the window frame, you will want to opt for a high-quality and dense caulk or gel that will be able to block the soundwaves.

Install Soundproof Window Treatments

The window treatments that you have over your windows can also contribute to your noise reduction efforts. In fact, it is possible to purchase soundproof window treatments that will be able to block the majority of the soundwaves that are entering the home by passing through the glass. Some homeowners may be worried that soundproof window treatments will take away from the appearance of the room. However, soundproof window treatments will closely resemble traditional window treatments so that they can complement a wide range of interior design plans.

Consider Upgrading the Glass

If the glass for your windows is fairly thin, it will not be very effective at being able to block the soundwaves from entering the home. If this is the case for your windows, you may need to upgrade them to effectively block the soundwaves that are entering. For the best results, you will want to opt for double-paned glass that has an insulating gas between the panels. This will be the most effective are blocking the sounds from passing through it. While this can be a major upgrade to make, it can provide the additional benefit of improving the energy efficiency of the structure.

Noise entering your home through the windows can be an extremely noticeable problem to experience, but it is a problem that individuals may not take steps to mitigate. Fortunately, there are some simple ways of reducing the amount of noise that is entering the house by sealing the cracks in the window frame, installing soundproof window treatments or even upgrading the glass that is in the windows. 

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