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5 Reasons To Install High Impact Windows

High-impact windows can protect your home against major storms that include wind, blowing debris, and water damage. If you are trying to decide the best way to protect your home during hurricanes and major storms, impact windows may be the way to go. High-impact windows can also benefit your home in other ways, as discussed below.

1. Hands-Off Protection

One major worry is that a storm will hit when you are unable to make it home to put up plywood or secure the storm shutters. Although impact windows perform best when shuttered, they still provide protection when exposed. This means you can count on your home's protection, even in situations when you are unable to see to securing everything yourself. 

2. Increased Security

Impact windows aren't just useful during a storm. They also provide increased security even when the weather is calm. High-impact windows can't be broken easily, making it much harder for an intruder to break their way into your home. This peace of mind extends not only to your main home, it is also especially useful if you own a vacation home that sits empty for long periods.

3. Reduced Flooding Risk

Plywood and shutters may protect against glass breakage in a storm, but non-impact windows may not be constructed to withstand water incursion around the frames from hurricane-force winds. High-impact windows do not just have more durable glass, they are also constructed with more durable frames. These frames can help reduce the chances of water seeping into the home around the windows, thus alleviating the threat of water damage in the home. 

4. Insurance Savings

Many home insurers provide a discount for homes supplied with high-impact windows, particularly if you live in a storm-prone area that makes window protection a necessity. You may also get a discount due to the increased security provided by these windows. Don't hesitate to ask your insurance company if there are any cost-saving benefits associated with the installation of new high-impact windows. 

5. Energy Efficiency

You don't have to decide between impact prevention and efficiency. The thicker glass used for impact windows is naturally more energy efficient than most standard glass windows. Many models are also treated with UV protection films that further increase the efficiency of the windows. The tighter, water-resistant framing also prevents air leaks, which, in turn, increases energy efficiency.

Contact a high-impact window supplier to learn more about installing these windows in your home.