Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Why You Need Motorized Blinds For Your Home

Are you ready to upgrade the window coverings in your home, and you're debating on what kind to get? You may want to consider motorized window coverings for the following reasons. 

Motorized Blinds Are Affordable and Convenient

If you looked into motorized blinds a long time ago, you may have been surprised at how much they cost. Not only were the blinds expensive on their own, but it required a professional installation to run wires to each window to supply power. Thankfully, this is no longer the case with motorized blinds. Not only has the product become more affordable, but the installation is easier as well. Motorized blinds are now powered by batteries that can last well over a year, which cuts down on the cost of installation.

Motorized Blinds Are Great For Hard To Reach Windows

If you have windows that are hard to reach in your home, motorized blinds will be a great solution for their window coverings. This can include windows high up on stairwells that you simply cannot reach, or windows behind furniture that involves stepping on the furniture to reach a cord. There may also be thin windows at the top of rooms that would normally require a long cord that hangs down or the use of a step ladder to get to. Motorized blinds can be controlled for these windows using a remote control. 

Motorized Blinds Have No Cords

Do you have young children or pets at home that you're worried about getting tangled in the cords of your blinds? Motorized blinds are not going to have that cord, so it will be one less thing to worry about when it comes to safety in the home. 

Motorized Blinds Are Handicap Accessible

One reason that many older people get motorized blinds is that they are handicap accessible. Even if the window is at a regular level and has a cord, some people simply do not have the dexterity or physical ability to open and close blinds manually. Motorized blinds will give control over the light coming in with the push of a button.

Motorized Blinds Can Work With Smart Home Applications

You can use motorized blinds to take your home automation one step further. This includes setting schedules for when the blinds open and close, using voice activation to control them, or even setting up rules for when the blinds open and close based on what you are doing at home.

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