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How To Secure Your Windows Against A Home Burglar

Burglars are looking for an easy way to get into your home, which means they often look to your windows and doors. If you have quality locks and solid doors, then your windows are the easiest point of entry.

Homeowners must find a way to prevent from being a target; they have to make it hard for the common thief to gain access from any entry point on the home. Read on to find out how to secure your windows against a home burglar.

Reinforce The Glass

A sturdy lock does not always deter a burglar from a window. Some burglars will just knock the window pane and reach in to unlock it. You can reinforce your windows with window film installation. The security film strengthens your glass. If you want maximum protection, then you can strengthen the window pane by bonding the film to it.

Certain windows are more prone to being broken; these windows include front windows, garage windows, and windows near doors. You may want to add film to the windows of your children's rooms as well. It adds an extra level of protection and keeps a stranger from watching your child.

The protective film prevents your window from easily shattering. The film usually has a tint, which makes it hard for burglars to see inside -- this is a helpful deterrent because thieves can sometimes see things they want to steal by looking through your windows.

Window film comes in different shades, so you can choose anything from clear to different levels of tint. Tinted film also blocks UV rays from coming inside of your home.

Install Bars

Protective grills and bars are another way to secure your windows. They do not have to look like the bars on a jail cell; these types of bars come in different decorative styles. If you choose to install bars, then you should be able to open them from the inside. An alternative is to leave one window without bars in case of an emergency.

Secure Air Conditioners

Some homeowners have air conditioners in their windows. Burglars will just push the AC window unit in to gain access to your home. You want to secure the AC unit to your house with steel brackets. It also helps to add locks to your sliding windows. You want to prevent the burglar from fully opening the partially-opened window.

The world keeps changing and coming out with new technology; with these changes, criminals find easier ways to commit crimes. You have to use your resources to protect your home and your family.