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Tips For Getting Your Windows As Clean As Possible

If you would like to make sure that your windows are going to be as clean as possible, there are a few steps that you need to take. This will ensure that your windows are crystal clear and that you will be happy with the way they look. Here are some of those steps:

Start With The Edges

Too many people make the mistake of ignoring the edges of the windows, thinking that the larger part of the window pane is where all of the dirt, dust, and finger smudges collect. However, dust and grime will quickly settle along the edges of the window so it is imperative that you are taking the time to clean along there first. While you can do this with your cleaning rag, you might have better success spraying the ends of some cotton tipped ear cleaners with some window cleaner. Simply use those to run along the edge of the glass where it meets the frame of the window.

Use Water And Detergent

If you are like a lot of people, you may have had a hard time in the past keeping the glass streak free after giving it a good cleaning. This is a common problem when commercially sold window cleaning solutions are used. To avoid this issue, you can use cold water and a little bit of detergent on the windows. Rub the soapy water on the glass with a clean microfiber rag and then dry it with a clean dry rag. This will help you avoid the problem of streaks all over your windows. Try to avoid using other types of cloths, as they may be more prone to leaving lint behind on the glass.

Use Razor Blades For Stuck On Grime

When you have bird droppings, dried paint, or anything else that hardened on your windows, you might find a simple cleaning solution will not remove them. Avoid any temptation you have of using steel wool pads, as these can quickly and easily scratch the glass. The best thing to do would be to grab a razor blade and carefully scrape the dried grime off of the window.

Should you ever find that you are having some trouble keeping up with the window cleaning, you will want to consider hiring a professional to help you. This way, you will not have to strain yourself to do it, but you will not have to suffer from dirty windows either. Call a few window cleaners like Exclusive Window Cleaning so you can get a couple of estimates that will allow you to find the best professional for this job.