Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Wood Clad Vinyl Windows

If you are going to spend your money on home upgrades, you want to make investments that will increase the efficiency of your home. For instance, new windows can greatly increase the value of your home, while also giving you more functional fixtures and reducing your monthly utility bills by adding insulation to your property. Of course, not all window products are the same, and you need to think very closely about what sash material is going to be the most practical for your home and climate. Many modern windows are being built with synthetic window sashes, like fiberglass or vinyl. However, there is still a good argument for installing wooden windows with vinyl frames. This article explains the features of modern wood clad vinyl windows, and why they are often ideal for residential properties.

The Look of Wood

Homeowners love the look of wood because it has a natural and stylish look that simply can't be replicated. Unfortunately, real wood is also susceptible to water damage, in the form of warping and swelling. So, if you are interested in wooden windows, you need to realize that they are going to require more maintenance than comparable synthetic products. Old wooden sashes are made out of 100% wood. That is, the entire structure that holds the window pane is wooden. Modern wood clad vinyl windows are only wood on the outside. That is, they are clad with wood, but the actual frame that holds the window pane is vinyl. This reduces the risk of warping, swelling, or loose glass panes. Synthetic frames are definitely going to be easier to operate, especially on sliding and movable fixtures.

Wood Maintenance

But, it is also important to realize that the wood on the outside of your windows is still going to be exposed so it can fade and get damaged by sun and water. This essentially means that wooden windows need to be refinished years. To many homeowners, this is too much work, so they just stick with a synthetic material. However, the maintenance is really not that demanding, and it isn't anything you need to worry about more than once or twice over the span of an entire decade. You might need to refinish your wood in order to seal it and protect it from moisture once every 10 years or so.

While wood clad vinyl windows are durable, energy efficient, and stylish, they are still going to require a little bit of TLC to own. That being said, they are definitely more durable than old wooden windows that are made out of just wood. For more information on energy efficient vinyl windows, contact your local contractor today.