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How To Hang Grommet Curtains

Grommet panel curtains add interest to any room, especially contemporary and casual designs. The advantage of hanging grommet curtains is you don't need hooks or clips to hang them, because the metal loops are already in the fabric.  Hang grommet curtains by following these tips.

Prepare to Hang the Panels

To hang grommet panels, gather:

  • step-ladder
  • tape measure
  • level
  • erasable marker or pencil
  • pole rod with finials and brackets
  • drywall anchors (optional) 
  • steamer (optional)

Measure the width of your curtains, and double this figure to make nice pleats on each side. To find the curtain rod length, add an extra eight inches for small windows and fourteen inches for double windows. The extra width also allows more fabric space when you open the curtains, and it makes the window appear larger.

To find curtain rod diameter, measure the grommet opening, omitting the metal rim, and subtract a half-inch. Set a step-ladder to reach the top of the window, and measure the length starting at the molding, then add two to four inches for rod height.

Install the Brackets

Use a stud finder, if desired, to locate studs. Otherwise, you will need wall anchors to hang the curtains. 

Metal rods slide better on the metal grommet rings. Select rods with finials that match the design of the room. If desired, use a steamer to remove extra wrinkles when you take the curtains out of the package. 

Take finials (decorative pieces) off the rod ends, and place a curtain panel with the right side up on a flat surface. Measure the distance starting at the top inside of a grommet to the lower hem. 

Set a step-ladder to reach the top of the window, and mark the center of the frame. Pull the tape measure to the floor. 

Hold the tape measure on the floor, pull the top until it reaches the grommet and hem length, then mark this position. Divide the curtain rod length by two, and mark this distance on both sides of the center mark. 

Install the brackets on the marks according to directions. Check the marks for evenness with a level, and install the brackets according to directions. Double check the evenness.

Install the Curtains

Insert the curtain rod in front of the first grommet, then slide it through the back of the next grommet. Continue in this manner alternating between the front and back of grommets. 

Set the rod on the brackets using the pencil marks as a guide, then secure the rod in place based on directions. Reattach the finials, and erase the marks. You may need to adjust folds and add curtain tie backs for wide curtains.

Contact a company, like Phoenix Window Fashions, for more help.