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Venetian Blinds And Plantation Shutters Compared

When it comes to the style, efficiency, and functionality of your windows, the blinds are a major factor. No matter what style of casing or molding you have around your windows, the blinds might actually be the most noticeable style element. On top of that, the blinds are something that you will probably use on a daily basis, so they need to be functional. It is very important that you research different types of blinds and choose the best style for each window fixture throughout your house. This article compares Venetian blinds with plantation shutters.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are probably the most popular type of blind. Most have a drawcord that allows you to pull them open and closed. There are also cordless blinds that you should definitely consider it if you have children. For most windows, you will want horizontal Venetian blinds. These are the most stylish and easy to use. However, vertical Venetian blinds are also very useful, especially on tall windows. They are commonly used on sliding doors because they can't be opened halfway, so the door can still be used while still blocking most of the light. The biggest drawback to vertical Venetian blinds is that they are little flimsy. That is, they are not secured at the bottom, so they can blow in the wind and make a little bit of noise when the clatter together.

Most Venetian blinds are made out of plastic or vinyl, but you can still find some more expensive products that are made out of real wood. Homeowners always love using wood because it is an authentic, natural material. But, when it comes to blinds, using a lighter synthetic material is definitely smarter. First of all, they will be easier to open and close. Also, you won't need to worry about water damage.

Plantation Shutters

If you do want to add some wooden style to your window treatments, you should consider plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are highly decorative, but they are also extremely functional and easy to use. They are basically little doors on hinges that are attached to the inside of your window frames. They have blinds that can't be opened and closed to allow light into the room. The frame of the shutters will block more of the light and make the window a little smaller. Some homeowners don't love the functionality of plantation shutters, but they are willing to deal with them because they are so stylish.

Either plantation shutters or Venetian blinds could be great for your property. Contact a company like Lorraine's Window Coverings for more information and assistance.