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Suggestions For Using Window Tint To Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Home

If you wish your windows were more energy efficient, but you don't want to invest in replacement windows, then window tinting is worth looking into. You may associate window tinting with the dark look for privacy, but window tinting does much more than that. The tint doesn't even have to be dark. It can be clear and still work to make the glass more energy efficient. Here are some suggestions for making your current windows more efficient so you don't waste money on your power bills:

Have Window Tinting Applied In South Windows

The south windows of your home probably get the most direct sunlight, although the western windows receive a lot of sun too. Window tint on these windows will keep your home cooler in the summer. You can choose a clear tint that only reduces heat transfer or you can pick the dark tint that blocks some of the intense light and glare. You can put window tint on every room in your home, but if you have a south-facing room you use often such as a family room or kitchen, then reducing the amount of heat that comes through the glass will go a long way towards keeping that part of your home more comfortable.

Apply Window Tint In Kids' Rooms

Window tint also keeps your home warmer in the winter. Window tint works by reducing heat transfer. Since it is warmer in your house in the winter than it is outside, the tint holds the warmth in the room rather than letting it pass through the glass. If you want to lower your thermostat at night, but hate to do it because you want to keep your kids plenty warm, then having their windows tinted will help keep their rooms warmer so your furnace is able to work more efficiently. You may be able to turn it down at night and keep everyone comfortable.

Have All The Windows In Your Home Tinted

The way to make the biggest impact on your energy bill is to have every window in your home tinted. Although this costs more, it is much more convenient than keeping doors closed to control the climate in certain rooms. With the energy efficiency of all your windows improved, you may stay comfortable without your furnace or air conditioner having to run as much, which translates into a lower power bill.

While window tint vastly improves the energy efficiency of the glass, you'll also have to seal leaks around the frames to get the best results. You can do this by applying weather stripping to keep air from the outdoors from leaking through. Contact a company like Phoenix Window Fashions for more information and assistance.