Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Before You Select Which Replacement Windows You'll Buy, Think About What Surrounding Features You May Use

When one of the windows in your home fails, wears out, or otherwise needs to be replaced, you shouldn't necessarily be in a rush to replace it. Although doing so is important, it's also useful to give some thought to how you want the replacement window to look. This may be the perfect time to change the look of the area around the window — not necessarily on the inside, but rather on the outside. There are a number of surrounding features that you might consider, and the features that you select can influence the exact replacement window that you decide to buy. Here are some surrounding elements to evaluate before you select your replacement window.


An awning above your replacement window can be useful for several ways. Awnings are effective at reducing the amount of sunlight that gets through your window and into your home, which is ideal if you're replacing a window on the sunny side of the dwelling. Additionally, an awning can propel water from the rain away from the window ledge and the side of your house overall. There are several different shapes and designs of awnings. If you like the idea of an awning, you'll want to select it before you choose the replacement window so that you can ensure the two elements suit each other in look and size.


The right shutters can complement the look of your window, so you want to have your mind made up about what shutters you'll buy before you select the replacement window. For example, even if they're not technically operational, the shutters should be large enough to give the appearance that they'd cover the entire window, top to bottom, if they were closed. Shutters that are too small for the window they surround would look incorrect.


Many homeowners love the idea of a planter sitting at the base of their window. The planter can hold vibrant flowers or even herbs that the homeowner can pick to use. The latter is especially enticing for a window in the kitchen. Although you could technically perhaps find a planter to suit the width of your window after the fact, it's a good idea to decide which planter you'll be using if this idea appeals to you. This way, you can ensure that your replacement window isn't just the right size, but also has the right look to suit the planter.

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