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That's A Wrap! How To Install Insulation Under Your New Siding Installation

If you are in the process of installing new siding on your home, consider upgrading your insulation while you are at it. The increased insulation will make your home more energy efficient. Rolled insulation under the new siding is the easiest to install. Here is how that installation process will go.

Old Siding Off

The first thing your contractor will do is pull off all the old siding. At this point, whatever insulation you currently have behind the siding is exposed. If it is exceptionally old siding, the contractor may decide to pull all of that off as well. If it is fairly "new" siding (less than thirty years old), the contractor will leave it in place.

Rolling and Wrapping Insulation

Next, huge rolls of insulation are unfurled. They are lifted into position and secured in place in longitudinal strips. There is less chance of exposing the home to water damage in the event that storms damage the siding when the insulation runs vertically and perpendicularly to the horizontal siding. The insulation wraps the old insulation or the bare skeletal structure in a pink blanket, and then other materials might be used to wrap and waterproof the insulation.

New Siding On

Finally, after your new insulation has been secured, waterproofed, and wrapped around your home, the contractor installs the rest of the siding. All of your new siding is secured over the top of your new insulation, and often, secured through the insulation to the stud boards as well. The entire process, from start to finish, including insulation, takes a full eight to sixteen hours for the average size home.

The Cost of Increasing Insulation in Conjunction with New Siding

To figure out what the addition of more insulation or new insulation will cost, start with the estimate of your new siding. Then add about a grand to that. Considering the fact that the new/additional insulation will do a lot to help your home stay warm, dry, and/or cool, it stands to reason that this extra thousand dollars or so is really a trifle when you are already spending money on new siding.

Talk to Your Contractor

Talk to a contractor, like Kemp's Windows Inc, before your siding project gets underway. Ask him/her to add more insulation and provide an estimate to what this adds to the full cost of the project. He or she can figure that out and then check to make sure you even need more insulation or new insulation. Follow your contractor's lead on the matter of insulation, and then you can enjoy the fruits of this labor.