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Have A Drafty Window? 3 Quick Fixes

If you have a window that you can always feel air coming in around it, you have spotted the drafty window in your home that is decreasing the overall energy efficiency of your home and that is sneakily increasing your energy bills. However, you can quickly fix that drafty window and get rid of that energy drain with one of these three fixes.

#1 Expanding Foam

Expanding foam is great for cracks around your window that are so large that you can easily see them just by looking at your window from a couple of feet back. You don't want to have large open spaces around your window; they can create huge drafts that really defeat the purpose of your windows in the first place.

Expanding foam is designed to get bigger as it dries and cures. There are different types of expanding foam, so when you purchase some for your home, make sure that it is made for interior use and is paintable. Also, don't get any super or extra expansive foams; these foams expand far more than you think they would and can actually cause damage if they expand too large in the crack.

You'll need to put a straw like device on the cap; this is how the foam comes out of the can. You also have to shake up the can before you use it, similar to spray paint.

Insert the straw-like device into the hole and put a little foam inside of the crack. See how the foam expands and then add more foam as necessary until the crack is entirely filled. Be sure to read on the can specifically how long it takes for the foam to expand.

#2 Weather Stripping

Next, you can stop the draft around your windows with weather stripping. Many windows have weather stripping on them, but it can get worn down over time. Weather stripping is easy to apply as it has an adhesive on one side. All you need to do is purchase the weather stripping in a roll. Then, measure the frame of your window and use a ruler and a utility knife to cut the adhesive down to side. Then, remove the protective backing and stick the adhesive around the frame.

This will cut down on drafts around the frame of your window and help ensure that air doesn't sneak in.

#3 Insulation Kits

Your third option are insulation kits. You can generally find these items in store during the fall and winter, as they are seen as more of a seasonal item than an all-year item. A window insulation kit provides you with some clear plastic as well as special tape. The clear plastic is designed to go over your window and trap cold air inside of the window and the film in order to prevent the cold that can come off the window from getting into your home. This is especially handy feature if you have single pane windows that don't provide a great degree of insulation and transfer a lot of heat through them.