Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Loved One Aging In Place: 3 Ways Window Replacement Increases Quality Of Life

Today, many older adults are choosing to stay in their own home as they age. While this choice allows for more independence and may be financially the best choice, it is important for you as a caregiver to know that their home is well maintained. If it has been a number of years since your loved one's home was updated, then it may be time to take a fresh look at their windows, since replacing them offers older adults the following benefits for their overall well-being.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Older residential windows sometimes develop small cracks over time that allow for drafts of air to flow in and out of your loved one's home. Installing new windows is ideal when the usual tactics, such as adding caulk or weather stripping, are no longer enough to keep out the drafts. As you explore your options, look for new window styles that are more energy efficient than the ones made years back. This will not only keep your loved one more comfortable during harsh seasons, but it can also help lower their utility bills.

Protect the Home's Resale Value

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of windows for increasing curb appeal. However, homebuyers today often make many decisions based upon how the home looks when they are driving up to the entrance. Window replacement also makes it clear to potential buyers that the home has been well kept. While your loved one may be planning to live there for several more years, having new windows gives them reassurance that the home will sell at the best price possible if they decide to move.

Brighten Up Their Days

In addition to the financial benefits of replacing windows for seniors, it is important to recognize that sitting near a dreary, stained, or cracked window also impacts their emotional health. Picture your loved one sitting near a bright, sunny window in the morning as they sip on a cup of tea, or imagine how much better they can see with a window that allows the light to come indoors. Replacing old or worn-out windows simply gives your loved one a brighter perspective on life that increases their overall happiness.

Sprucing up your loved one's home is the perfect way to celebrate their decision to age in place. Whether you choose to replace all of the windows or just a few, your loved one will enjoy knowing that they have a beautiful view of the outdoors that looks just as great from the curb. Contact a company like Bradenton Window & Allied Products to learn more about your window replacement options.