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Keep Mosquitoes Away

When the weather starts heating up it can cause everyone to start spending more time outdoors and this includes all those irritating pests. Mosquitoes love to come out and find stagnant water to breed in. A very, very small amount of water can be all it takes for mosquitoes to reproduce to the point of causing you a problem in your yard. You'll want to go around your property and make sure you look for any and all problem areas as soon as possible so you can take care of them and prevent mosquitoes from showing up in your yard to chase you and your family back indoors. Here are three things you can do to really make a difference in the amount of mosquitoes you end up with around your property:

Pick up, empty and put away anything that can hold water

It can be hard to catch all those things laying in your yard that can pose a risk since it only takes a tiny bit of water to draw mosquitoes. Some of the many things you want to pick up or may have to empty out around your yard include any sheets of plastic or tarps, spare tires, kiddie pools (even when they are upside down many have a lip around them that some water can collect in), children's toys, bags full of recyclables and even soda cans or soda bottle lids.

Make sure you learn just how much water your yard needs

A lot of people water their yard more than they really should. The water that doesn't end up getting quickly absorbed into the lawn is wasted water. That wasted water will sit there on all of the separate little blades of grass or even on the surface of the soil where mosquitoes can find it and make good use of it, causing you a bad mosquito problem on your property. After you water your yard, wait a few hours and go out and step on the lawn barefoot. The lawn can be a bit damp, but you don't really want it to still feel wet. If it does, then you are probably overwatering it.

Keep your gutters clean and any broken ones repaired

The gutters around your roof should collect rain water as it falls from the sky, carry that water to the downspout and release it to the designated area where it will wash away from your house. If your gutters are broken then it can stop the flow of water. Also, if the gutters have leaves in them that don't get cleaned then this can stop that flow as well. This offers the mosquitoes a very attractive home. Therefore, you want to stay focused on your gutters making sure you take great care of them.

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