Replace Your Windows To Upgrade Your Home

Change The Entire Look Of A Room By Customizing Your Window Treatments

If you want to give a room in your home a fresh face for spring, consider utilizing window treatments to achieve an entirely new look. Consider ways to change the mood and atmosphere of your space simply by changing your curtains and drapes!

Some ways to alter your space and create an illusion with window treatments include:

Make your room seem bigger.

Get rid of any obstructions that are blocking the windows in your room, and hang a cornice above the window's top sill. Allow long, flowing drapes to puddle on the floor, and pull off to the side to allow optimal natural sunlight. Hide the drapery fixtures under the cornice, and cover or upholster your cornice in a color that matches the walls and window treatments.

Make your ceilings seem higher.

If you want to make your ceilings seem a bit taller and give your room a lofty feel, install window treatment fixtures about a foot above the top sill of your window. Use sheer panels in conjunction with drapes to create a rich, romantic feeling that brings the eye upward.

Make a space more intimate.

Create an intimate space with heavy, textured drapes, curtains, and valances. Use rich, warm colors that mute the light, but be sure that you are able to pull them back or tie-them to get natural light in as desired.

Give your room a jolt of energy.

For a bright space that makes you feel refreshed and inspired, make the windows a focal point in the room. Don't obstruct with furnishings, but place an energizing plant on the floor in front of the window. Keep windows untethered with heavy treatments, and consider using stained glass-inspired vinyl clings on the glass to provide privacy yet encourage sunlight in the space. Use the same color paint on ceilings, walls and window trim to create an airy, restorative room.

Open up a space of the house.

Vinyl window clings are a great way to open up any space of the house, especially if you have small windows that are difficult to fit for conventional window treatments. Use clings with simple valances to create an entry into your room that will make the whole space seem more open.

Talk with drapery retailers regarding customized window treatments to achieve your desired look. Measure carefully, and measure again, to ensure your drapes and curtains are exactly right for creating a new illusion in your home's spaces. Try these tricks to give your room a new look this spring!

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