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Two Tips To Keep Your Front Door Looking Great

Although it's an overlooked component of your home, the front door is important. If you consider the number of times you use your door over the course of a year or even a month and its constant exposure to the elements, it's safe to say that your front door withstands a fair amount of abuse. Make sure you understand how to take care for your door to keep it functional and looking great.

Install A Storm Door

Installing a storm door is a great way to protect your front door. It doesn't matter if you have a screen or glass insert installed in the door, the storm door will help minimize the effects the elements have on your front door. If you have a stained wood door or a door that is painted, this feature can be especially helpful because it keeps rain and windblown debris from making contact with the door and causing damage.

Generally, storm doors are designed in fiberglass, aluminum or wood materials. In terms of maintenance, a wood storm door will require you to take preventive measures to protect the wood. However, aluminum and fiberglass doors are pretty much maintenance free.

Refinish Regularly

If your front door is constructed from wood, make sure you are prepared to refinish the door regularly. When the sun shines on your wood door, the ultraviolet rays cause the temperature of the door to change. During the day, when the sun is out, the temperature of the door will be higher, during the night, it will be cooler. This constant fluctuation in temperature causes the door to expand and contract throughout the day.

Over time, this process damages the finish of the door. This doesn't just make the door look worn and unkempt, but as the finish wears off, this exposes the wood to permanent damage from the sun, such as discoloration and deterioration. How frequently you need to refinish your door will depend on its exposure to the sun. Doors in the sun's direct path will need to be refinished more often. Once you start to see the finish wearing off, you know it's time to refinish.

Whether you need assistance installing a storm door or helpful tips on how to refinish or repair the surface of your door, a door installation technician, like Brant Windows and Doors door installation, can assist you. Your front door is one of the first things people recognize about your home, so make sure you are keeping it in good condition.